Your new technology cool gadget. that make your life easy

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                                       Your new technology cool gadget!

So all of you are welcome to this creative page.  In this page you will find many creative gadgets which can be useful for you, so let’s start.

If you go to the square looking at new things, then definitely read this page.  You are going to get many such unique gadgets. Which is very advanced and innovative and I am confident.  All of them will be ready to buy the gadget.


You must have worn black yellow green blue all color glasses, but you would never have worn such glasses which is the first such glasses in the world which carries a camera with you and also makes live video.
You can go cycling by wearing these glasses.  Snow riding , ,climing and all this while capturing everything with  a 360 camera.  You can also share videos to your friends by connecting this glasses to your mobile.

                 You can make videos with it for up to 90 minutes at a time.


If you feel that your body clearance with the bike is very less with the ground then now you can take this electric by bicycle for yourself. Whose ground clearance is much higher.
And it keeps you on a good height from the road.
Its chassis is made of aluminum and it can travel you up to 25 miles in one-time charging.  That too with a top speed of 25 MPH.
It has on road charging and you can stand and charge from anywhere and lighting is provided on both sides to ride in the night.


You can open this knife with aluminum handle in a second.
And you can go anywhere with this life in your pocket, of course!
2.9 inch blade This will provide you for cutting so that you can cut strong things.  Its black color blade and 4034 stainless-steel material body frame is quite strong and attractive.
                                       You can use it for harvesting as well as for your own survival.


Wearing gloves in the hand washes the dishes, but the waste coming out of the utensils freezes in the place of water.
Which we are not able to remove properly by wearing gloves in hand.
But now, to remove this waste, a very cheap gadget has arrived in the market, which will make your work very easy.

And I think this gadget is very important for you because water must be trapped in your house too.


There is no need for you to go to the doctor for blood pressure major because now such a smart watch has arrived which has an air pump inside it.
This watch will easily make your blood pressure prominent when you want it!
In this watch, apart from measuring blood pressure, there are many more futures that you will like very much.

6. DETI  2.0

You will not have to face the problem of removing the wrinkle of clothes with heavy metal iron.  Now with this little gadget.
This gadget is very lightweight and with the help of this you can easily remove the wrinkles.
With the help of scheme technology, which makes clothes wrinkles free.
Many times new clothes seem old only when a little bit of clothing goes around.But now you do not need to panic.  With this small little gadget, you can show your old clothes a new look.


The good things kept in the dish are dropped after a few hands.  Then the food is not fit to eat.
But this thing does not scatter in the ground when it falls with the ball.  The air-tight cover for them has arrived.
This cover can withstand pressure of up to 8 kg.
This gadget carries with it strong elasticity plastic.  Nothing will happen with a sharp punch in it.


Do you always forget to turn off your house lights and you have to come back home after going far enough , So now you don’t have to come home with this little robot to turn off the house lights 
Now with the help of your mobile you will be able to turn off the lights of your house.
Automatic robot you can easily put on your electric gadget.
You can control this gadget with the help of applications and voice control like Google ALEXA is also present in this gadget.


Sometimes a pen is not available for writing, or not available  paper.
If you have faced such a problem, then keep this gadget with you which will make every kind of surface a notebook for you.

And a pen will make your finger!
With this, whatever you write on any surface will be written on your smartphone and you can also store it.
You can also use this gadget as a smartphone and you can talk about it.
It is built on motion technology and it gives you this writing comfort zone by tracking the motion of the hand.


Do you want to impress your partner by moving to a coffee shop , And if you want to write some good quoets or proposals on coffee then you will not have to go to any restaurant because after getting this gadget in your hand you will be able to make your own favorite qouets and hearts too.
It extracts the well-tested material with its output. Apart from coffee, you can also put it on your favorite dish. 
This gadget is a small gadget that looks exactly like a pencil, you can make any kind of image in your copy, any quartz favorite favorite, anything.
So which gadget you like most please comment also share to your friends .
And if you like to to help me then you can donate some money as you wish becouse I am depend on this only and thanks you for reading this page .


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