World’s 10 Most Powerful SUVs , used by politician , criminals and many more

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Friends, in today’s modern world every human being uses a vehicle for transportation.  But some big security, politician, security service and even big criminals use such special vehicle for their security because bombs and other deadly weapons are not affected by these vehicles.

By the way, many armed vehicles are present in the market.  But today I am going to tell you about something special and best vehicle?
So let’s know about the top 10 best best armed vehicle in the world, so there is a request from you.  Follow our page and share it with your friends.


Friends, this is a monster truck, while making, the company takes care of everything for the safety of the person sitting in it and this makes it a top class armed vehicle.  It is fitted with a 6. 1 liter engine of Ford Company which generates 462 PSI torque with 326 HP.
The glass fitted in it is of balastic glass and friends, it takes at least 4000 working hours to make this armed vehicle, after which there is no problem in trusting this vehicle.  With this, the company claims for the mileage of the vehicle that it runs only 3 kilometers in 1 liter of fuel.  It sounds less but is considered good mileage for armed vehicle.
The cost of the top class vehicle is kept at $ 630000, but even after sitting in this vehicle, the AK-47 cannot touch  you.


Friends, the KARLMANN company knows very well how to meet the thinking and needs of a customer and according to the customer, an old package has to be given in the same car.
Friends, over 4 million Armed Force Vehicles are based on Ford F50 till date.  Eighteen hundred designers and workers working on this work together to manufacture such an armed vehicle in 30,000 working hours, which will look like this after seeing it.  You may not have seen such a vehicle before.
Friends, the power of this vehicle comes from the six point 1 liter v10 engine that can carry this heavy armed vehicle at a speed of 140 km / h.
Apart from this, using carbon fiber sheet steel fitted in it, it gives the form of bullet proof car.  Apart from this, full care has been taken to make your journey comfortable and a 4k infortanment system and a satellite TV have also been provided and friends have also been provided with a private locker to store the things you need.
Friends, the company starts manufacturing of this vehicle only after booking and takes the cost in advance as a down payment from the customer.


Friends Range Rover is a brand that uses a new way to show off the features of its car.  His insanity can be gauged from the fact that he made a world record by mounting his car at 10,000 ladder.  After which his car started getting accolades in the car industry.
Friends, in this Range Rover you will get all the quality that you want to see in a luxury brand car.  Apart from this, the entire body of this vehicle has been made bulletproof and furthermore bomb proof has also been made.  Even if the bomb explodes on the top and bottom of this car, nothing can spoil this car.  Apart from this, there is a tnt bomb blast of up to 15 kg.  Even then, there will be no harm to the person sitting in it.

Friends, its steel armor is enough to give protection to the passenger sitting in it on the occasion of any emergency.
Apart from all these features, this car also has an escape panel that opens towards the dicky.  This panel is used during emergency existence.  Whenever the side door is locked due to any reason or it is not possible to open them.


Friends, if you are ever stranded in a dangerous area in a deserted place and if you have Paramount, then it will be a privilege for you because it has been made mine protected and it will prove more helpful than all other vehicles in getting you safely from there.  .
This car has a lot of pickup and speed, due to which it can also bear a payload of around 5 tonnes.  Friends, it has been designed in such a way that it is capable of walking in any path and overcomes any kind of obstruction encountered.
Friends, this car is used to carry armed forces and weapons.  It can seat 2 people in front and 8 people in back, who do not need to be afraid of any kind of danger coming from outside.  This car is available in 2 versions, in which many different armor options are available, you can choose according to your own.


Friends, it would not be wrong to say not only this beautiful car but a tank.  This SUV has been built considering the wrangler jeep.
The SUV may look like it, but its performance takes it to the next level and it does not look less than a tank because the 6.4 liter engine it produces generates 500 hp.  This tank has a 4X4 system, enabling it to run into any kind of ground.  Also manages to off roading.
Apart from this it has thermal night vision, body arm and aircraft grade aluminum wheel which makes it even more luxurious.  Friends, this blastic armed vehicle can easily handle any high caliver weapon and assault rifle hamel.  Necessary equipment such as radiator fuel tanks and batteries in it are covered with tubulars so that they do not cause any damage.


Friends, one of the best SUVs of the Toyota company is the DEVOLKO which has all the features that an armed SUV should have.
For those who want to buy this tank which can be run on Legali Road instead of the battle ground, then it is for those people.  Its armored component is made from ultra light composite material which is directly connected to its structure with a 5.8 engine and 8 530 hp power generated.  
Apart from this, as additional features, there are wing custom, steel front bumper heavy XLED fog lamps and perfect tires according to the offering, which is a different experience for the treader.


Friends, RHINO GX with boxy and muscular body is present in the market.  One of the Largest SUV There will be no shortage of power in this SUV, with the help of which it can carry a weight of 5 tons with it.
Friends, it gets this power from 6.7 liter and V10 engines.  Apart from this, there is also a 6.7 liter and V8 engine option, from which you can choose according to your need.
Apart from this, it has dual layer steel and roll cage body structure for safety and its interior has a smart 5k navigation premium entertainment system and luxurious leather seats available and  friend  , this gives a luxury car experience due to all these.


Friends, this vehicle was a strong SUV in its own right, but for testing it, its window shield was tested with AK-47 and not a single bullet was affected by the dummy inside.
Because of this, it is almost impossible to stop the Six Wheel Drive Monster from anything on the way.  It will take you to the destination with safety from Danger Zone and the real fun in running friends’ monster comes from offering off road city.
Where to get hold of it would be an impossible task for another car.
And friends talk about its luxurious interior, so Mercedes is making it by itself, so you don’t have to worry about luxury and comfort.


Friends inkas huron is a multipurpose vehicle that can protect passengers from any attack.  Apart from this, this SUV does not prevent any kind of climatic condition.  This vehicle has been designed such that you can take it anywhere. Be it jungle, city, snow or any dangerous border where bullets are fired all the time.
The balastic design of this vehicle which is specially designed to deal with similar situations.  Is able to save any passenger sitting inside.
Friends, its armor can withstand attack of 7.62 and 80 net of bowl and the 4th floor of this vehicle can withstand any kind of blast.  Apart from this, every safety plate in this vehicle is installed only after passing the laboratory test, and as per the rule, this test is done by another company, from which there can be no scope for doubt.


Friends terradyne is a Canadian company that specializes in making armored vehicles equipped with different weapons known as GURKHA.
Friends, from top to bottom, the body of this vehicle can withstand a bullet of up to 7.26 mm, and with this you can also drive up to 30 inches in deep water.  The power to run it in such conditions is due to the 6.7 liter V 8 diesel engine installed in it, which helps it generate power up to 300 hp and torque up to 600 PSI.
Friends, this is also an all wheel drive SUV with six gears with automatic transmission.  The base price of this car is $ 280000 as it can protect you from bullets and natural disaster in any war.

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