By 31 December ,both the front seats will have to have airbag

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Relief: The government postponed the requirement of airbags on the front seat in old cars for 4 months, now airbags can be installed by December 31

In existing car models, the mandatory requirement of dual airbags on the front seat has been deferred by 4 months. Currently, the airbag in the driver’s seat is mandatory in older models. Actually, the vehicle manufacturer’s organization SIAM had demanded to increase the problem. Giving concession on this, the government has postponed the mandatory till 31 December. However, in case of new cars, its rules will remain the same. From April 1, the rule of mandatory airbag for front seat passenger in new cars is applicable.

Airbags mandatory in new cars

After the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways made airbags mandatory in new cars, car manufacturers have started providing airbags for driver and front seat passenger in all cars.

How do airbags provide protection?

Airbags are made of cotton. Has a silicone coating. Inside is filled with sodium azide gas. There are two types of airbags. Those with ISRS system open like an umbrella and cover more space.

Why are airbags necessary for vehicles?

India has 1% of the world’s vehicles, but India accounts for 13% of the deaths in accidents. Hence there was a demand to make airbags necessary.

How do airbags work?

Airbags open to protect the head and chest of the passenger in less than a second when hit from the front. This prevents the body from hitting the dashboard. Yes, seat belts are mandatory for airbags. Airbags only hurt if seat belts are not worn. Along with breaking the neck bone, there will also be a possibility of injury to the face.


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