Taliban: the brutal murder pregnant women

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The brutal face of the Taliban: the brutal murder of a former female police officer in front of the family; Officer was 8 months pregnant

The Taliban may be trying to assure the world of respect and entitlement to women, but the truth is quite the opposite. On Saturday, Taliban fighters barged into the house and shot dead a former female police officer. The family of this police officer was also present at the time of the incident. The deceased police officer has been named as Banu Nigar. Nigar lived in Firozkoh in Ghor province.

The atrocities on women continue, BBC has published the news of the murder of Banu Nigar. Apart from this, Banu’s son has also informed the local media about this. This video of him is in Pashto. Taliban is constantly trying to show to the world that it will give rights to women according to Shariat. On the other hand, he has launched a campaign against women. The murder of Banu can be said to be part of this episode.

Taliban said – will investigate When the BBC contacted the

Taliban in the case of the murder of Banu, they said that they would investigate the matter. Banu was murdered in his house during the night. Some pictures of it are present on social media. Nigar’s family says she was an officer in a local prison until the Taliban took over the country.

Three armed Taliban entered his house on Saturday night. The family members were tied up and after that 8 months pregnant Banu was murdered in front of everyone. The attackers were speaking in Arabic.

During the first Taliban regime from 1996 to 2001, women were not given any rights, including education. This time he is promising that women will be given their rights in the light of Shariat. Hundreds of women demonstrated against the Taliban in Kabul on Saturday. After this the Taliban attacked them.

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