Singapore to become first country to ban ads for drinks

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Singapore to become first country to ban ads for drinks containing high amounts of sugar 

Preparing to stop the cases of diabetes in the country, warnings will have to be given on the label of the products

• Health Minister Edwin Tong announced, said- The rate of aging of people is increasing rapidly in the country due to disease

health desk.  Singapore will become the first country in the world to ban advertisements for beverages containing high amounts of sugar. 

The Singapore government is preparing to tax sweetened beverages and ban some beverages altogether.  This was announced by Health Minister Edwin Tong in a conference on Thursday.  This decision has been taken to deal with the increasing cases of diabetes.  Beverage companies must put a health warning on the label of the products.

1) Sugar is the reason for the increase in obesity and other diseases

Singapore is a large country in Asia, where the consumption of sugar in every citizen is becoming more than necessary.  Therefore, the government is trying to reduce the number of diseases by preparing to ban such substances.  According to Health Minister Edwin Tong, due to increasing diseases in the country, the rate of aging of the population has increased rapidly.  The number of people 65 or older in Singapore will double in the next 10 years.
Among the South-Eastern Asian countries, Singapore and Malaysia are the largest consumers of sugar.  Sugar is a major factor in the rise of obesity, diabetes and other diseases in both the countries.  Information about when the new rule will be implemented will be given next year.  Health Minister Edwin Tong has named it the ‘War with Diabetes’.

According to Edwin Tong, the government has sought feedback from people to increase tax and excise duty on companies making sugar products.  They believe that even with such rules, the use of products containing more sugar can be reduced.

In 2017, the Singapore government asked softdrink companies to reduce the amount of sugar in beverages.  Companies also implemented it as a rule.  Apart from sugar, the government is also preparing to ban smoking completely.  Although smoking was banned in some areas in the 1970s, its cases have increased over time.

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