Record made in sailing: 14 years old Katy; Traveled 2900 km

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Record made in sailing: 14 years old Katy; Traveled 2900 km in two months by boat, Britain’s youngest to travel solo

With most teens spending their time on mobile phones or at home, 14-year-old Katie McCabe has set a solo sailing record. He traveled 1600 nautical miles (about 2900 km) around Britain in a wooden boat of 26 feet. Earlier this record was in the name of 15-year-old Timothy Long, which was made a year earlier. Katy told that she started the journey on June 30. .

Father David helped him overcome the difficulties in this exciting journey of almost two months. He taught them to face the difficulties they face every day. Katy told that most of the trouble came in the evening and at night. In Scotland, it took 32 continuous hours to cross 170 nautical miles. There life was brought to life by the waves 3 meters high. However, she was successful in overcoming that difficult period.

Father Katy, who was behind on the other boat to monitor, told that Father David was very worried about me. This was the reason that in case of any trouble, he was keeping an eye on another boat, 5 miles behind, to save me. Katy said that I had gone on a journey in the summer, which was very challenging. The sea becomes extremely dangerous during this time.

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