Photos of the devastation caused by the storm in America: 8 people,Died

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Photos of the devastation caused by the storm in America: 8 people, including the family sleeping in the basement, died, one and a half lakh houses lost electricity; Emergency declared in New York and New Jersey

Ida Hurricane has caused havoc in many states including New York and New Jersey of America. The impact of the hurricane that started on Sunday is still there. According to American media, so far 8 people have died in these two states. Of these, 7 were residents of New York City, and 1 was from New Jersey. Emergency has been declared in both the states.

Hector Lora, the mayor of New Jersey’s Pacific City, told CNN that the body of a 70-year-old man was pulled from the flood waters in front of him. In New York City, 4 people of the same family drowned and died. They were trapped in the basement of their house.

After that the airport was flooded. All flights originating from Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey were suspended. However, some essential flights were started later. According to the information, on Wednesday, 1 lakh homes in Pennsylvania, and 50 thousand homes in New Jersey were out of power. Nine houses were completely destroyed in Mulica Hill, New Jersey. The condition of the roads has become bad.

The US state of Louisiana, adjacent to Mexico, saw heavy destruction after hurricanes and floods.
The bridge connecting the cities of Lafitte and Jean Lafitte in the state of Louisiana was broken by Hurricane Ida.
This photo is not of a river or pond, but of a highway in the US state of Louisiana.
Many people’s homes were destroyed by Hurricane Ida. One such family in Louisiana mourns the destruction of their home.
The photo is of Manayunk, Philadelphia. The cars were submerged in water after 2 days of rain here.
In Houma, Louisiana, road poles were torn down by a hurricane.
In Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, the woman reached the road by boat after the house was flooded after rain after Hurricane Ida.
After the storm, a fire broke out in the Reliance Esplanade apartment in Louisiana and the entire apartment burned down overnight.
Due to the Ida storm, many houses were engulfed by water and many houses were flooded. Many people have been evacuated here by running a rescue mission.

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