OTT Fever: Netflix has treasure for those who like horror movies, can see these films including Under the Shadow, His House

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OTT Fever: Netflix has treasure for those who like horror movies, can see these films including Under the Shadow, His House
 Netflix, India’s most popular OTT (over the top) platform, has a variety of movies.  This platform has many options for those who like to watch horror movies.  Let’s know which are the most liked horror movies on Netflix
 The Evil Dead – 1981
 Directors – Sam Rhymy Cast – Bruce Cambell, Ellen Sandweiss, Hal Dalrich, Beastie Baker
 The film The Evil Dead, based on the horror incident, is the story of 5 college students.  For adventure, all the students arrive at a cabin in the jungle, where they get the Book of Dead.  Students completely unaware of the book wake up spirits by reading it.  While searching the cellar in the cabin, everyone finds a tape, which one by one loses its senses and then lives.  The film is made extremely scary and dark.  For the weak hearted, watching this film can be a scary experience.  This film is part of the Evil Dead series.
 The Blackcoat’s Daughter -2017
 Directors – Oz Perkins Cast – Karenin Shipka, Lucy Boynton, Emma Robert, James Raymar, Lauren Hawley
 This horror, thriller film is the story of a school student named Joan who arrives at the Isolated School in Winters.  She experiences many evil events during Joan’s mysterious visit.  The film is made extremely scary and mysterious with less characters.
 His House – 2020
 Director – Remi Weeks Cast – Soap Dirisu, Vunmi Mosaku, Matt Smith, Javier Botet
 The horror thriller film His House, released in the year 2020, is the story of a refugee couple who escapes from war-town South Sudan to live in a new city.  Here they get different kinds of people and language, due to which they have to face a lot of problems.  Meanwhile, he also has to face some invisible forces, which try to harm him.  Watching this 1 hour 33 minute film is a scary experience.
 Under the Shadow 2016
 Director- Babak Anwari Cast- Narges Rashidi, Ave Manshadi, Bobby Naderi, Arsh Marandi
 This horror thriller film is the story of a woman named Shideh and her family.  When Shideh’s husband goes to war during the Iran-Iraq War in 1980, she decides to live alone with her daughter Dorsa.  One day Shideh suddenly learns that his daughter is extremely afraid of Jin and the ghosts.  When Shideh asks Dorsa who told him this story, Dorsa says in response
 That friend living under the house.  Angry when Shideh arrives to tell the neighbors not to tell such a story, he learns that the child living there is speechless.  Shideh is stunned after seeing this.  Shideh’s neighbors decide to leave Tehran after a missile falls in the building, but Shideh decides to stay there with her baby girl.  During this time they have to face many invisible spirits.  The film has been made quite a thriller.
 1992-2017 Director- Jack Hilditch
 Cast – Thomas Jain, Molly Parker, Dylan
 Released in the year 2017, this horror-filled film is the story of a simple farmer will.  Willfrand lives in the fields with his wealthy wife Arlette and son James.  After a good marriage for a few years, Wilfred loses his wife in the greed for land and money.  It is only after the death of his wife that bad incidents start to happen with his friend and in the fields.  After some time he believes that it is not untoward but the soul of his wife.
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