Osama’s arms supplier and Rajdar Amin-ul-Haq returned to Afghanistan,

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Ishqbal of bin Laden’s close friend: Osama’s arms supplier and Rajdar Amin-ul-Haq returned to Afghanistan, spent 20 years in Pakistan

After the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, the homecoming of the dreaded terrorists has also started. Arms supplier Amin-ul-Haq, a close aide of former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and arms supplier, has returned to his home in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan after 20 years. Bin Laden hid in the caves of Torabora shortly after the 9/11 attacks. Amin was also with him at that time. Later he went to Pakistan. When Haque returned to Nangarhar in a luxury car, his supporters welcomed him and he continued to accept their greetings from inside the car. Some Taliban terrorists were also included in Amin’s convoy.

Timing Ahem Amin has returned to Afghanistan just a day before the US forces left Afghanistan.

According to media reports, after his return, Al Qaeda may once again become powerful. When the British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ questioned the Pentagon on Amin’s return to Afghanistan, its spokesman said – this is a matter of intelligence. We will not comment on this yet.

Video also surfaced The video of Amin’s homecoming is going viral on social media. In this, he is seen in a white luxury car. Amidst the crowd of supporters, he lowers the car window slightly and then shakes his hand. Later he is taken home in the form of a procession.

Amin was considered the biggest arms supplier to bin Laden and al Qaeda. He was also arrested in Pakistan in 2008. Bin Laden was released about 6 months after he was executed. Pakistani investigative agencies could not produce any evidence against Amin. Haque had been with bin Laden for many years and was responsible for his security. It is believed that he spent 20 years in Pakistan. He had fled with bin Laden from the caves of Torabora.


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