OLED display smartphones will be sold fiercely by 2022:

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OLED display smartphones will be sold fiercely by 2022: Up to 45% will be sold in the next one year, companies like Samsung and Apple are using them in their smartphones

A new report claims that all smartphones sold by 2022 will have display panels with OLED feature. The Trendforce report shows that smartphones with Organic Light Emitting Diode Display Technology (OLED) have become the most popular. According to the report, OLED display feature panels accounted for 39.8% sales till 2021. At the same time, it is estimated to have sales of up to 45% by 2022.

The company, which analyzed the demand research for OLED displays in Apple and Samsung companies, said that large smartphone makers such as Apple and Samsung are adopting AMOLED and OLED display technology on a large scale. This is the reason why its market share has seen a jump. Display driver ICs for OLED panels have become more in demand. Which is becoming difficult to supply according to the demand.

The chips of OLED are bigger, the report further states that its chipsets are bigger than other chips. Only a small number of them can be found from this. Most display drivers take 40 to 28 nanometers for the IC. Currently, only TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.), Samsung Electronics, UMC and GlobalFoundries manufacture IC display drivers for OLED panels.

Top 5 Mobiles With OLED Display

  1. Samsung Galaxy A20 ( Rs 11,490 )
  2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 (Rs 12,999)
  3. Realme 8 ( Rs.14,990 )
  4. Samsung Galaxy F41 ( Rs 14,999 ) .
  5. Oppo F17 Pro ( Rs 18,499 )


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