new technology gadget comes in market for you guys .

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           So hello guys once again welcome back to this page and you will find strange 
           gadget on this page so what are you waiting for go and buy this , it only for you 



The wooden simple looking table is not so simple  , This table carries magnetic connectivity with it.  Giving a magnetic connection to the top part also connects all the time and removes easily.

With this you can also charge your smartphone wirelessly.  Can also be charged through wire.  It also has LED lighting with two USP port connections, so that you can touch it to high or low.
And in this you have been given hidden compartments to keep the important thing.


There is a luggage bag with a magnetic front pocket and a sawill with a pode with wireless charging and room to hold the same.
This suitcase also has a GPS tracking system.  That is, if someone steals a suitcase, then you can easily see it from your mobile.  It has 2 ports of charging along with the removal battery.


Put this gadget outside the house to advance the security of your home.
There is also a button-producing sound camera and this camera can always be seen in your smartphone or carries a motion sensor with it and features with a face detector ID.
If you come in front of it, there is no alarm left for you, but if someone is unaware of it, then the alarm starts ringing and the alarm starts ringing and the notification is sent on your smartphone.
With this gadget you can see a person outside the house and can also talk.


After buying from the market, we bring many things into the bag and bring them home, but there is no kind of an iron clip in these bags and sometimes even after a light hand, the thing falls and falls on the ground and gets spoiled.  
So now you cover your back completely and apply it on it.  Resistance made of plastic or clip which is quite easy to attach.  After it is installed, heavy stuff will not be allowed to come out.


Now you do not have to be up and down to fill air in the tires because this very advanced and small pump has come for you in the market.
With which you can put air in your tires very well.
In addition to the aluminum tank, the air pump, which carries a push button with itself, carries up to 650 milliliters of capacity at a time, and can be removed from anywhere and can be filled with air in your bicycle tires.


Innovative Knowledge Technology is the world’s Finest and Versatile Form Device.
After which many charger adapters will not have to be placed on your working table.
It has a USB port Micro SD port.
You can also charge your laptop and mobile via wire with the help of this device. And if your phone is charged wirelessly, then this device also charges your phone.  If you have a smart watch and it charges wirelessly, it still charges easily.


If you want to take flash drive sd card for backup of your data then this 18 gram device is very good for you and 22% fast drive from any device to backup your data.
It can store data up to 500GB and you can easily connect to your old laptop or new laptop.
Because it also carries USB port connection along with USB port and you can easily connect it with windows or Android device.

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