India’s most expensive bikes: These 10 bikes are faster than the Shatabdi Express at 140 km / h

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India’s most expensive bikes: These 10 bikes are faster than the Shatabdi Express at 140 km / h, the price of Mercedes Benz cars in terms of price.

Imagine if your bike is running at a speed of 250 km / h and you are going ahead of all the vehicles. You must be thinking this is really thrilling. We have brought a collection of similar bikes below. Their speed is so high that if they race the Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express, they will overtake. The price is so high that 2 cars of Mercedes Benz GLA will come. In terms of speed, the speed bikes in India are no less. Here too people are fond of buying expensive bikes. Those who do not buy them, they become happy only by driving on rent.

  1. Kawasaki Z H2 SE With this, two supercharged naked motorcycles Z H2 and ZH2SE were launched. It looks very attractive which is equipped with a powerful engine. Its ZH2 model is priced at Rs. 21.9 lakhs ex-showroom. At the same time, the price of its 7 H2SE model starts from Rs. 25.90 lakhs ex-showroom. It has a 4.3 Inch TFT color screen, RIDEOLOGY app for smartphone connectivity. Also, Kawasaki intelligent anti-lock brake system, option to run in launch control mode. 2.Indian Vintage Indian Vintage One of America’s first cruisers. Its engine is 1,890 cc. The bike may look old fashioned but its engine is modern. There is even a cylinder deactivation technology feature. So when you are in a crowded area, you can reduce the use of petrol by reducing it. The color option consists of vintage dark horse and matte gray color. Its price is 25.82 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). 3.Harley Davidson Road King It has a 1,746cc V-twin motor like the Indian vintage above. , But with King Harley’s Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) get cornering ABS and traction control, electronically linked brakes, engine braking control and tire pressure monitoring system. Its price is 26.99 lakh rupees ex showroom.
  2. Harley Davidson Street Glide Special is Harley’s Milwaukee – Eight 114 motor. The Street Glide makes the speed master with the wrist. Additionally, it is packed with the RDRS electronic feature. Bluetooth connectivity is available with the Harley 6.5-inch color TFT screen. Which leads to easy entertainment. Its price is 31.99 Lakhs ex-showroom. There are lighting and electric wide screens.
  3. Indian Springfield Indian Springfield is the brand’s first two motorcycles in this list of the ‘Bagger’ lineup. It is powered by the same 1,890cc Thunderstroke 116 motor engine as the Vintage above. Like the Vintage, the Springfield gets three ride modes – cruise control, keyless ignition and cylinder deactivation. A tire pressure monitoring system is also available to boot. The Springfield offers vinyl seats and remote-locking hard saddlebags, while the vintage features leather seats and saddlebags. Huh . It is priced at 33.06 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). 6.Indian Chieftain Dark Horse / Chieftain Limited falls in the line of the second Indian barber. It has two types of bikes. The first dark horse is priced at Rs 33.29 lakh (ex-showroom). The second Chieftain Limited has 33.54 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). The Indian Chieftain Dark Horse gets a matte black color, chrome design. There is a 100 watt entertainment feature that offers Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay. There is also full LED lighting and electric wide screen. 7.Harley – Davidson Road Glide Special Harley – Due to the lack of Davidson’s cvo, the Road Glide Special has been brought to India. The bike has been given an attractive sporty look. Its ground clearance is 125 mm. The fuel tank capacity is 22.7 liters. The seat of the bike is cruise seating which is designed keeping in mind the long ride. In the bike you can connect mobile to Bluetooth. Its price is 34.99 lakh rupees (ex-showroom).
  4. Indian Roadmaster Its price in India is 43.96 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). This 400 kg cruiser is different from the crowd. This is keyless. The bike rider can start it without key, although it is necessary to keep the bike key in his pocket. It will get all the features that are found in the Chieftain bike. It works with 6 gear boxes. It has a very long bike.
  5. BMW M 1000 RR Its price is going to make you cry. A carbon fiber winglet with a sharp chassis and more power makes the BMW M 1000 RR look great with its attractive price tag, carbon-fiber winglets, sharp chassis and more power of the S 1000 RR. BMW is the new DLC-coated maintenance free chain. It is priced at 45 lakh rupees (ex-showroom) 10.Kawasaki Ninja H2R It is the most expensive bike in India. The price of this bike is 79.90 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). The H2R is not a street-legal motorcycle, so buyers can only use it on the track. It gets updated Brembo Stilma brakes, a special self-healing paint job and a new SuperChard feature on the engine casing.

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