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Australian scientists claim: If you are troubled by obesity, then exercise in the evening, the level of blood sugar and cholesterol will be under control; Metabolic health will also improve

If you are troubled by obesity and want to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar level, then you can choose evening time for exercise. Exercising in the evening keeps cholesterol and blood sugar levels under control.

Researchers from the Australian Catholic University have made this claim in their research. Researchers say, during research, it was found that people who are overweight and taking a high-fat diet are at risk of type-2 diabetes. If such people exercise in the evening, then their metabolic health improves.

According to research published in the journal Diabetology, this study is especially important for people who are diabetic and often have trouble controlling blood sugar. study like this

1 . In the research, 24 such people were included who took a high-fat diet for the last 11 consecutive days.

2. Their fitness, cholesterol and blood sugar levels were checked. They were also asked about their eating habits.

3. The age of the people involved in the research was between 30 and 45. His body mass index was between 27 and 35.

4• These people were divided into three groups. The first group did the exercise at 6.30 am. The other did the exercise at 6.30 in the evening.

5. The third group was such that neither exercised in the morning nor in the evening.

6. On the fifth day of the research, people who exercised in the evening were found to have reduced levels of glucose, insulin, cholesterol, triglyceride.

That’s why it is better to do evening exercise

Researcher Dr. According to Mohold, during research, we have found that the benefits of exercising in the morning and evening are the same. It is beneficial for the heart and breath, but when it comes to controlling blood sugar at night, evening exercise is much better.

This time of exercise for high fat people

According to research, this time to exercise is beneficial only for people who take more fat things in the diet. Only people suffering from obesity have been included in the research. Therefore this method cannot be applied to everyone.

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