how does kyline mbappe spend his money

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how does kyline mbappe spend his money 

42 million dollar this is the amount of money that kylian mbappe earn 2020 according to forbes .

But how does this french player spend his millions

kylian mbappe is a senstion and anynomously he may well be the 4 th higest paid footballer in the world that only 21 years of odd , but he does now show off about it we will come back to this later .

since the worlds champions sign for the PSG he has not gone any match spending street .

my Biggest expense , a nice house ,its important for my family

he move with his family into 6400 square foot spring level apartment in the most expensive neighbour hoos parents he has a gaint apartment gives him a breath taking  views of the effile tower .

its only a rental but it is so luxury that cost 100 thosands dollar a year the mbappe family also has a house in monnaco .

kyline mbappe has not passed a driving test yet but all he will soon so want a driver from a company where he go but he does not pay for this tip . so they are not included his expenses he essential his PSG contract allocated him some 36  thousands dollar so he can use to pay a driver or his rent that being sad kylian mbappe may on the most expensive car in the league 1 according to specialist on a mobile media .

he may have a Ferrari worth 577 thousands dollar not bad i will come back to Ferrari again

 kylian mbappe has living expenses like all footballer  luxury cloths , entertainment , vacations , but there is no concrete information about this we do not do fake news .
how ever there are a  lot of donation among his many expenses like here for  example this is the opening ceremony for his charity

1 . therefore since , i am in the position my desire is to give things back

and to able to help the youngest amongst us its a great pleasure for me .

during the corona virus crises he made a huge donation to major charity in France mbappe also contributed in the collection that was raising money to search for the body of the emiliano sala the pilot who disappear in the channel of the start of 2019 .
in 2018 he give his entire world cup bonus of more than 415 thousands dollar to a charity , in shorts Mbappe earns a lot he enjoys it but he also give a lot to charity .
now back to the Ferrari story his mother Fayza keeps an eye out she stops him from getting intoxication
with fame .
she validation all of kylian choices she thinks that he is too young to have a Ferrari until he is got his driving license. and prefer that he wears a watch that is not the most expensive version or the most flashy .
it is look like kylian has pit more dependent because there is Ferrari in his garage .
but when comes to watches he partner with  the luxury brand hooblo . so he does not have much of his choice . but you get the idea the Mbappe family pays it sons so he does not loose his way .
we are not sure for the example of waste of talent in football and money some time key factor in player failure that why i have not talked about

1  yatch

2 helicopter

3. iron man

4. island

in this blog you get it kylian mbappe does not have any flashy expenses and that does not make him any less school .

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