FOOTBALL …..The amazing Reason why Neymar did not sign for Real Madrid…

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The amazing Reason why Neymar did not sign for Real Madrid

 The amazing Reason why Neymar did not sign for Real Madrid

[Real and Barca are ] two big clubs two great clubs

But in my heart Barcelona was the club and today here i am in Barcelona .

{ we are all knowing stories Neymar  joining Barcelona  }

Did  you  now  that Real Madrid  wanted him  so badly   .   Neymar visted Real Madrid when he was only 13 . but what was the crazy reason that Neymar did not join real madrid .

 { The reason why Neymar did not sign for for the Real Madrid .}

In 2005 Neymar and his father also name Neymar travel to Madrid there he mate  O.G  RONALDO . 


He mate Zinadin Zidan when he was a player , lonley for he will become REAL MADRID manager , neymar is not a real madrid player.

That’s why we are telling  stories 

Even Neymar 8 dinner with Robinho , was it tasty

Neymar : no i cant say that

So what is the food name , now come on that’s radiculas  , what was it .

Real Madrid wanted Neymar to join there youth team so much . that they get the job for his dad and founded a house for the Ney’s  family .

Neymar = thanks

So why Neymar get back to brazil it seeem like move to Madrid was as asthon  was says INENITABLE  .  BUT  there is one thing keep him from going . neymar clubs santosh was not ready to let her fartical son leave for  Spanish soccer .  They really wanted him to stay and leave them to glory so santosh help a find raiser on  { KICKSTARTER. }


IS an only for starting business or collecting a donation for life saving surgery  and it also to help keep  millioner of footballer where he belongs . THE club raise an INCREDIBLE amount to match real madrid offer . and this gesture had a big impact on neymar , He reflect on his option and he made a BIG  DECISION .

HE decided to dye his hair pink .

Neymar : it’s all good , i am already feelings better .

In the end Neymar mission was to stay at Santosh . Did he ever leave leave them to incredible success too .

With santosh NEYMAR  won 3 COPA NA DOS and  COPA LE AFTADORES   

But Real won’t finish they try to sign NEYMAR  again in 2009 But Failed again and month before neymar join barcelona .  2013 Real try one more time but like road runner they chasing again and agian but they could not catch him .  and impact of missing out on a generation talent is still being well today .

ever since los beranko missed out neymar they have been incredible committed to sign in the best young brazilian talent available .




NO body’s know if this player will be as good as Neymar or if they win many trophies as he did with Barcelona .

But at last they have chance to find out .

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