covid test can be done by taking a sample from the screen of the

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New way to test corona: covid test can be done by taking a sample from the screen of the smartphone, claim; Gives accurate results from 81 to 100 percent

• University College London and Diagnosis Biotech Startup jointly prepared the investigation London scientists have found a new way to test the corona. It is named Phone Screen Testing. Now there is no need to take samples from nose or throat with swab stick for testing. Samples can be taken from the screen of the smartphone. Scientists claim that the results of the test with phone screen testing are as accurate as RT-PCR and the cost is also less.

Researcher Dr. Rodrigo Yung says, has prepared this test in collaboration with University College London and the Diagnosis Biotech startup.

Why choose smartphone

Researchers who conducted the investigation say that when a person coughs or talks, droplets i.e. droplets of saliva come out of the mouth and collect on the surrounding surface. The droplets of a person infected with corona contain virus particles.

These droplets coming out of the mouth get collected on the screen of the smartphone. With the help of a swab stick, take a sample of the virus particles present on the screen and keep it in saline water. Then it is sent to the lab.

81 to 100% accurate results

Scientists claim that phone screen testing gives 81 to 100 percent accurate results. This has also been proved in the investigation done on 540 people during the research. These patients underwent RT-PCR and phone screen test. 51 out of 540 people were found infected. Similar cases also came up in the new test.

According to the researchers, the phone screen test gives up to 98.8 percent accurate results of negative cases. During the test, only 6 samples showed positive which proved negative in the swab test.

That’s why work is a new test

Researchers say, this can prove to be a new option for Kovid testing in more populated places. Researcher Dr. Many people are infected and don’t even show symptoms, says Yung. They spread the virus unknowingly. This method of testing also allows the virus to be detected without disturbing the patient as patients do not feel comfortable during the RT-PCR test.


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