Children’s Online Game Over in China…Only one hour can be playedOnly one hour can be played

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Bhaskar Explainer: Children’s Online Game Over in China! Only one hour can be played on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays; know everything

China is troubled by children’s online gaming. Because of this, it has tightened the rules to keep children away from online gaming. Under the rules that came into force from September 1, children under the age of 18 will now be able to play online games for only three hours a week. That is, only one hour a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If it is a government holiday then that day will be extra. new rules. It will be the responsibility of gaming companies to implement. If she is not able to implement these rules, then she will have to pay the fine for it.

After all, what happened that China had to be so tough on children regarding online gaming? Ban has been imposed, but how will it be implemented? Can companies stop kids from playing online games? let’s know

Why is the Chinese government so aggressive about online gaming addiction?

China is the largest video game market in the world. For the past few years, the increasing addiction of online gaming among children has been a topic of discussion in every major forum along with the government. Clinics have also been set up in many big cities to get rid of gaming addiction. These clinics have also been built. With the help of therapy and military drills in these clinics, children are being removed from gaming addiction.

. The Chinese government has taken this step after increasing complaints of children having poor eyesight due to online gaming. This is not a sudden decision, but China has been continuously trying to keep children away from gaming for the past few years.

. The National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA), the regulator that approves video game titles in China, says the games are worsening children’s mental and physical health. For this reason, the new rules have been strict.

. According to state media figures, 62.5% of children in China are playing online games. There are 13.5% children who are playing online games on mobile or other gadgets for more than two hours every day. This is increasing the screen time of children. Recently, the Chinese government has also imposed similar restrictions on private tuition companies, so that children Screen time can be reduced.

What has China done so far to reduce children’s screen time?

• This problem is not only of China, but of all countries. Children’s screen time is constantly increasing. In 2017, online game maker Tencent Holding said it was setting a time limit for the flagship mobile game ‘Honor of Kings’ after complaints from parents and teachers.

. After that it was seen as a remedy. In 2018, the cases of poor eyesight in children started increasing continuously, so the Chinese government decided to take strict action. She kept looking for its way. After this, the approval of video games was stopped for nine months.

China passed a law in 2019. It was decided that children would not be able to play online games for more than 90 minutes on normal days of the week (Monday to Thursday). On weekends this period was increased to three hours. There was a complete ban on playing the game from 10 pm to 8 am.

• The government had also capped the cost of playing online games for minors. Under this, children can spend a maximum of 28 to 57 dollars (Rs 2 to 4 thousand) on virtual gaming items depending on the age.

• The government had also made a rule that children have to enter their real name and national identification number while logging in to play online games. Companies such as Tencent and NetEase also built systems to track who is playing.

• In July this year, Tencent has also released the facial recognition function. It is also known as Midnight Patrol. With the help of this, parents can find out whether children are playing games as adults from 10 pm to 8 am. Huh

What are the new rules and how will China implement them?

. New rules prohibit under-18 kids from playing online games from Monday to Thursday. This rule has come into force from 1st September. Children can play games for only one hour on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as well as government holidays from 8 to 9 pm.

. Online gaming companies have to ensure that login is done with real name or not. All the titles will also have to be linked to the anti-addiction system set by the NPPA. NPPA will increase the inspection of online gaming companies to ensure that these rules are strictly followed.

The regulator has prescribed strict action measures against companies violating the rules. If any company is found to be doing wrong after the inspection, then it will be fined. In this episode, the NPPA reviewed more than 10,000 video game titles last year.

. It has also been said in the new rules that children often try to dodge by creating accounts in the name of their parents. In such a situation, along with parents, schools also have to work actively. They also have to do the work of supervision.


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