Bill Gates’s daughter got married: Melinda got more than $ 600 million after divorce, know how much wealth her daughter Jennifer is the owner of

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Jennifer Gates, the eldest daughter of Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates, has got married. Jennifer has tied the knot with Egypt’s Nayel Nassar. To celebrate Jennifer’s wedding, a private program was organized on Saturday, in which about 300 guests were invited.

How much is Jennifer Gates worth?

News website ‘The US Sun’ quoted Celebrity Net Worth as saying that Jennifer Gates’s net worth is around $20 million or more than Rs 150 crore. Billionaire Bill Gates’ eldest daughter Jennifer is about to inherit some of her father’s wealth. In 2017, Bill Gates announced that his three children, Jennifer, Phoebe and Rory, would each receive $10 million, with the rest going to the family foundation.Adding this amount also, Jennifer’s assets are around Rs 225 crores.

While talking about his mother Melinda Gates, in August 2021, Bill and Melinda officially divorced. After the divorce, Melinda Gates got assets worth 600 million US dollars. That is, she is the owner of more than 45 thousand crore rupees.

How much did Jennifer’s wedding celebration cost?

According to reports in the Daily Mail, Jennifer and Nassar’s party was held at a 142-acre horse farm in North Salem, New York. According to the news, more than two million US dollars i.e. 15 crores five lakh rupees were spent on organizing this party. After the reception, Bill Gates danced with Jennifer to Elton John’s song ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’.

Jennifer and Nassar announced their engagement in 2020 Since the Summer Games were postponed by a year, the two also pushed the wedding date.

The special attachment to horses, the hobby of horse riding mixed the interesting thing that both have a special attachment to horses and horse riding, which also became a reason for their meeting. During this time, both started dating at Stanford University in 2017. In an interview with CNN in 2019, Jennifer said, “Horses are just a part of our lives, but we love sports. Nassar is a professional, and I do it (horse riding) as a hobby. So, my love for horses.” It’s incredible to share your love and passion with each other.”

Bill and Melinda Gates gave daughter the precious gift It’s no surprise that the couple chose the large horse farm their parents bought during Jennifer’s college days in 2018 to celebrate their wedding Was . Jennifer and Nassar hold a special place in the hearts of Jennifer and Nassar about this farm house as the reason for their meeting is horse riding. Now this farm house has become special for them where both are starting their new life as husband and wife.


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