Biden’s Hindu Trump Card: Democratic Party forms Hindu Democratic Alliance for the first time, so that Hindus can be added as a solid vote bank

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US President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party has taken a big step to unite Hindu voters into a solid vote bank.

The party’s Hindu MPs – MLAs and Advisors are launching the Hindu Democratic Alliance (HDC). Its purpose is to protect Hindu interests and to connect the community with the party. This is the first time that the Democratic Party is reaching out to Hindus like this. The party’s most powerful wing, the Democratic National Convention (DNC), has also ratified it.

The DNC takes all the important decisions related to the elections.

Nishith Acharya, one of the founding members of this alliance, explains, this alliance is the need of the hour and a long dream of Hindu Americans like us. We have got a strong platform. Nishith, a senior adviser to the Secretary of Commerce in the Obama administration, says this alliance will shape the needs of our community and our political agenda. Supporting HDC says, ‘We believe in religious freedom.

We believe that everyone should pursue the American Dream and that no one should be left behind. ‘ They say that we have to use our resources to elect more people. Murali Balaji, one of the founders of this alliance, says, “The recognition of this forum by the Democratic Party means that you cannot take Hindu Americans lightly. ‘

On what will be the work of this forum, Balaji says that this new alliance will work at all levels from Hindu interests to security. Such as getting more people from the community elected as candidates, motivating people to vote. To place the demands of the Hindu community in front of the government as well as the local state governments and find solutions. A senior party leader says that it was a big topic of debate in the party that the party could not reach the Hindu voters.

Why this alliance …

Indians decisive in 10 seats, in many areas 40% Indians voted for Trump There are 33 lakh Hindus in America.

The population of the Indian community has doubled in four decades. The US population has grown by only 4 percent during this period.

They are decisive in 10 seats of the Congress in 6 states, despite a 1% share in the population. There are king makers on the same number of seats. 15 cities

In spite of 1 percent share in the population, they are decisive in 10 seats of Congress in 6 states.

There are king makers on the same number of seats. Bodies of 15 cities are decisive in the election. Hindu Americans are one of the country’s richest, influential migrant groups. 24 crores were raised for Biden in one night.

The HDC was formed after several polls showed that a large number of Hindu-Americans voted for Trump in the 2020 elections as well.


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