Biden administration sluggish: Millions of green card applications of Indians ruined, the future of millions of Indians in trouble due to delay

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Millions of Indians working in America are facing the brunt of the slowdown in the American system. Because of this slowdown, lakhs of green card applications have gone to the trash. According to one figure, more than one million green card applications in the US were not processed in the last few years. Due to this, not only these people, but also the companies in which these people have been working have to suffer.

At present, 6,32,219 Indian applications of immigrants and their families are pending. Experts believe that due to this delay, the American economy is also facing problems, because there is a lot of demand in America for professionals like doctors, nurses and software-engineers from India. David J. Beer, an expert at the Cato Institute in Washington, says that at the pace at which green cards are being issued now, it will take 151 years for all advanced professionals to get visas.

Why there is a delay in processing of green cards,

American Immigration Lawyers Association director Shev Dalal Dheini told Dainik Bhaskar that the US Parliament has fixed the number of family applications for green cards per year at 2,26,000, while the number of jobseekers 1,40,000 has been kept. If the figure is not complete, then a lot will be added next year.

Tim Cook fears, said

companies will have trouble bridging the shortage of professionals, companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft are providing services in large numbers to Indian immigrants living in America. If action is not taken on the applications of these people, then the functioning of these companies gets adversely affected. The situation has become so dire that Apple CEO Tim Cook has written a letter to US President Biden saying – ‘The system has left professionals of foreign origin’ in limbo and if the problem is not resolved soon, there will be a shortage of qualified professionals. . ‘

unable to visit sick parents; Fear never let America come back

Sriram Chahal, a critical care doctor in California, says he has been waiting for a green card for 10 years. He says- ‘After processing delays related to corona virus in 2020, an additional 122,000 employment-based green cards were created this year. At least one lakh green cards were wasted. We have not visited our ailing parents in India for 10 years, for fear that we will not be allowed to return to America. Chahal says that he does not know what will happen next.


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