99 FACTS THAT MAKES NEYMAR SPECIAL ..by mycarrermygoal.com

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Nutmegs and rainbow flicks these are 2 favorite skills of Neymar who is probably the most existing football player to watch in the world . 

but we almost never watched this skills of this crazy talent because he almost died when he was a kid , he was involved in a terrible car accident that almost lost his life . 

those are three things about Neymar and here are 96 other  . 

99 things about neymar in less than 15 mins can we do it , you better believe  it challenge accepted .

Neymar was born on February 5 , 1992 in mogi das cruzes ,  brazil , his name come from his father also named Neymar ,  his father was a former footballer .

neymar another love as a child futsal thats how he develop his skills and his ability to operate in tight space .

In 2003 neymar joined SANTOS  club of pele and robinho , in fact many people compare young neymar to those two stars he was also compared to ronaldhino and even messi .

in his first interview he spoke about how people said he was not like Robinho , robinho even give him advice to keep training so he can go pro . his youth carrer was so successfull that his family could buy a house with his income .
At 15 he went to real madrid to meet the team the club wanted to sing him so badly and try to convince by having him hangout with his hero Robinho and the other stars like Ronaldo .
Real madrid was a favorite team as a young boy , but real fail as real know because SANTOSH  run up massive campaign to keep the young star in the club .
At 17 neymar had a hug ears for 2 reasons .
number 1 : he singed his fisrst professional contract at 17 .
number 2 : he become a father at 17 , he named him david luca , his mother was social media sensetinal name cardioa Dantas , but neymar is not with her any more .
the pair share custody of david but he spent most of the time with his mom because neymar travels a lot for his job but neymar loves him a lot and spend lot of time too..
In fact after PSG  lost the UCL  final neymat still have the time to celebrate his sons birthday apart from his son , his whole family is very important to him , his father is his agent and he is very close to his sister even have tatoo of each other . later on neymar signed for barcelona in 2013 .
but did you know SANTOSH  has rejected the 2010 offer for him from west ham united . imagin neymar playing in london with the iren .
They also turned out a bigger bet from chelsea in the same year and thank goddness for santosh becouse neymar help them won the copa lobertadores in 2011 and won the PUKAS  award in 2011 . and soon after he would finally join barcelona in his squad to become world best player , he formed in incredeble front three with messi and suarez .
in 2014 and 2015 they won a treble scored a combined 122 goals , hey hey man save some goals for rest of us  haaa haa .
neymar was also a top assist provider during the champions leagues in 2016 and 2017 .
neymar has big endorsements for NIKE and many others and he even has his own brand originally the (NJR) his brand logo was supposed to look like a number 11 but since he join PSG  and took the number 10 , he changed the logo of few times .
In 2019 forbes rank neymar the 3 rd highest paid athlete in the world after messi and ronaldo and he has huge fan favor, he has 143 million IG followers but he trully became a world superstar at BARCELONA .
he was here , he had the best moment of his carrer . THE REMONTADA .
NEYMAR also love winning Olympic trophy with brazil he loves playing for his country , he was briefly captain for brazil after they were crused 2014 world cup by germany but later he relinquished the captaincy , neymar has an impressive goals in his carrer already .
he scored 247 goals at club level 64 goals with brazil thats make 311 goals overall and remember he is not a striker and he is only 28 years old neymar is also a more than a footballer he loves movie and his favorite stars will smith but neymar also an actor but not at just pitch he was in XXX  and money heist ,IMDB paid pretty impressive ,
he also love music and promotes music sertaneja also offcourse he made a very famouse friends . check out him kick with natalia guitler , he also kick the ball with justin bieber and
also built a frienship with jimmy butler , but does they speak , does butler speaks portegues or spanish becouse neynmar fairly speaks english , but 2011 he arrived barcelona neymar started learining some english , but in 2016 cr7 had act as a translator fro him at the Ballon d or sermony , now neymar english has got bit better though thats how hw talked with friends kylin mbappe he join PSG in 2017 and even though he plays in french leauge , he is in fully fluent in french knows a couple of words and sentences in french.

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