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Pradeep Jadhav, a resident of Pune, Maharashtra, belongs to a normal family. His childhood was spent in poverty. Father used to run the family expenses by farming. After 10th he studied ITI and then did three years diploma. After this he worked for a few years in a wire manufacturing company. When some money was collected, he obtained an engineering degree in 2016.

After this he got a job in a multinational company. He worked here for a few years. Then in 2018 started the business of making furniture by upcycling industrial waste (making creative and better products with the help of old or useless things). Today the turnover of his company is one crore rupees.

Idea came after watching video on youtube

29 years old Pradeep belongs to a very normal family. Before the business, he used to work.

Pradeep says that in 2016 he left his own job and started working as a maintenance engineer. Learned a lot during this time. I also went to China. Understand the technology there and the way people work. Salary was fine, everything was going well. They say – I had definitely made a loss in the initial business, but I did not give up. I often keep thinking of new ideas.

Pradeep tells that in 2018 he saw a video on YouTube. In this a man was making a chair with the help of old and useless tyres. This was a new thing for Pradeep. His interest grew and he started watching more such videos. After watching many videos and gathering information from internet, Pradeep felt that he can do this work on his own too. Such vests are many around them. So there will be no problem of rommaterial.

Started business with job

In the year 2018, Pradeep started the work of creating new products by upcycling tires and barrels on his own.

Pradeep says that I talked to my friends about this idea, but they refused. He said that there is no scope in this. These things may be beautiful to look at, but doing business with it will not be easy. After that I talked to my family members. They did support, but they did not want me to take a risk by leaving a good job. I also felt that it would not be right to leave the job and start work, because the financial condition of the family was not very good. That’s why Pradeep started his work in the year 2018 along with the job. After returning from office, he used to get busy with his work. Till late at night, he used to work in preparing the furniture.

Business started with 2 lakhs

According to Pradeep, about 2 lakh rupees were spent in preparing the necessary machines, office space and banner-poster for the upcycle. This money was from my savings. For the first three months, he did not feel anything special. After this, he created a page on social media called Gigantiques and started posting photos of his product on it. He used to write about it in detail with every picture. They used to tell people which product this furniture is made by upcycling. What is it used for and what is its cost. After this many people called him and showed interest in buying the product.

Pradeep currently produces and markets more than a dozen items of home decoration including furniture.

He says that he was first contacted by a cafe in Pune. Pradeep had made tables and chairs for that cafe. Also helped in designing the cafe and giving it a better look. All the customers who came there praised the design of the cafe. Many people even became Pradeep’s customers through that cafe. After this his caravan continued to grow. One after the other, orders started coming to him for designing and furniture for offices and cafes.

When the business started growing, left the job

Pradeep says that when a good number of people’s orders started coming in, started earning good money, he left the job in 2019 and started giving all his time to his business. He says that right now I prepare office decorations and furniture for social media as well as for many companies and business men across the country. I have worked on more than 500 such projects. Right now 15 people are working with us. They say that our business has definitely been affected due to Kovid and the lockdown, yet last year we achieved a turnover of one crore rupees.

From where do you get raw material?

Pradeep has designed seating arrangement products and furniture for more than 500 companies and institutions.

Pradeep and his team use every waste that can be upcycled as raw material. For this they collect waste from different parts of the country. He has also made contact with many junkers. Those who regularly deliver goods to them. Along with this, wherever they get information about the waste material, there is some waste near any company or office, they send their car and get the goods. In return, they pay whatever it is worth. Pradeep has installed every machine from welding to upcycle in his shop. With the help of which they create new products.

Prepare everything for home decoration with furniture

Pradeep started his business with waste and old tyres. Today they upcycle industrial barrels, old and waste cars, auto rickshaws, bikes, cycles, old wood, etc., into things like tables, chairs, sofas, wash basins, food carts, barrel wine storage, hanging lights. Along with this, they also prepare things used in home decoration and cafe decoration. They have upcycled more than one lakh barrels, more than 50 thousand tires and more than five thousand vehicles so far.

They say that we have not taken any training to make this product, nor are there any big technical things in it. If anyone tries, it can work. We too have been learning while working. If anyone wants to start this kind of work then he can take help of internet. After this, he can try to make a product from the small things around him. As the business grows, he will have to buy shops and machines.

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