12 lakh in a year. of business, also gave jobs to 4 people

earn with this idea: 21 year old Sunny started making furniture from plastic waste while studying, Rs 12 lakh in a year. of business, also gave jobs to 4 people

Often we throw plastic bottles, foils, cans as garbage, but do you know that the things we need can also be made from the same plastic waste. That too in an eco-friendly way. You might be surprised to know this, but it is a fact.

One such initiative has been started by Sunny Goyal from Delhi and Unnati Mittal from Khandwa. Together they are making furniture and home decoration items from plastic waste. He started this startup only a year ago. Right now he is earning one lakh rupees every month from this.

Actually plastic waste is a big challenge for all of us. According to a report, 1.5 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated in India every year. Most of it is dumped in the sea. Plastic is decomposed or recycled on a very small scale. However, in the last few years, there has been a slight increase in awareness about plastic waste management. There are many youths who are working to reduce this trouble.

21 year old Sunny and 22 year old Unnati are both B.Com graduates. Both have studied together from a college in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Sunny says that when I was in the first year, I used to go on tour with friends. Plastic waste was often found there. People used to throw plastic waste wherever after using it. I used to suffer from this and since then I was wondering how to get rid of it.

Sunny says that when people got good response, I felt that we should take this work forward. Then I talked to Unnati and started it at professional level in the year 2020. .

It cost about 10 lakh rupees

Sunny and Unnati together took an office on rent in Indore. Hire some employees and interns. After this arranged a lab and compressor machine. It cost about 10 lakh rupees. He registered his company under the name Plament and started working. Sunny says that we made furniture for schools, colleges and some restaurants in Indore. For many people, we also prepared the essential things of the house.

Since our idea was unique and the quality was good, the demand of people kept increasing. However, then due to Corona, there was a nationwide lockdown.

This had a direct impact on our business. In the beginning, we were not able to decide how to take it forward. The artisans were not ready to work and it was not right to call them to work in the midst of the pandemic. So after a few months we had to stop work. After that, when the situation got better, we started working back, but then the second wave came threatening. We had to stop working again.

However, things are slowly getting better now. We are going back to our work. We have received orders from many individuals and corporate customers. Even after Kovid, we have done business of about 12 lakh rupees in the last one year.

How to make furniture from plastic waste?

Sunny explains that to prepare furniture from plastic waste, first of all we collect plastic waste. For this, along with the landfield, we have also contacted the workers of the local municipality. They supply us plastic waste. After collecting plastic waste, we divide it into different categories. Then it is heated to a fixed temperature.

This melts the plastic waste. After that we add a chemical to it. And after processing prepare the sheet. This sheet is then fitted on the prototype after quality testing. Then furniture and other products are made from it.

At present 4 people work in Sunny’s team. Apart from this, some interns are also associated with them. At present, they are making more than a dozen items from office use to home decoration. For many customers, they also make customized products according to their demand.

Sunny is using social media, retailership and word of mouth for marketing. Soon they will also market their product on Amazon and Flipkart. He also has tieups with many wholesale shops making furniture.

From where can I take training?

If someone wants to make a career in this sector, then he/she has to first understand Plastic Waste Management. You have to understand the process. In this regard, the Central Government and the State Government also conduct training courses. Many private institutes also provide this training. Its training can be taken from International Institute of Waste Management, Bhopal. Many individuals working in this sector also give this training.

The central government and state governments are campaigning for plastic waste management. Plastic waste collection centers have also been built in many cities. Where people get money instead of garbage. Under the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), work is underway on several projects related to plastic waste management in the country.

Not only furniture but also fashion related products can be made from plastic waste.

These days many startups are working on plastic waste. Some are making furniture from it and some are also making fashion related products from it. Kanika, who hails from Delhi, has recycled more than 360 tonnes of plastic waste so far. They are making dozens of cosmetic related products including purses, bags. Due to this, he has been earning 50 lakhs annually. ( also read this story clink on this link )


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