10 most expensive and demanding car , you are going to see 10 most exclusive car that every person want to buy .

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               10 most expensive and demanding car

Hello guys welcome back again to this beautiful page . you are going to see 10  most exclusive car that every person want to buy . 

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1. BMW I8

The BMW i8 is designed to be a luxury car and is one of the unique hybrid cars on this planet.

The Clear line  scissors styled doors are a tremendous and sovier design car.  The best engineered cars like Speed , ​​By reach 0 to 60 MPH speeds in just 4.2 seconds.
And this is due to its twin class turbo engine that excels at them rear and the electronic motor in the bonnet as well as its carbon fiber and reinforced plastic body plays a huge role.  You can have such a luxury car for just $ 150000.


Rolls Royce Phantom is a brand associated with RICH , POWER AND ROYAL .
Every single vehicle in the Phantom series has been designed in a unique way in which its simple tradition is reflected.  With the combination of old design and modern contrast, you will not find a peaceful right anywhere.  Its v12 engine gives non-exhausting power.
With which the vehicle can take the speed from 0 to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds and if not enough, there is also a camera to detect road pits.
Which measures road imperfections with a weight of 2.8 tons and 5.8 meters long body, such gents and silent vehicles become the symbol of status wherever the city or country goes.


The MC Lion P1 combines the best work beauty and functionality seen on this planet together in a hybrid style. 
It is powered by an electric motor with a 3.8 liter V8 turbo.  This gives total torque of 903 hp and 620 lb feet.  This beautiful monster car reaches a speed of 0 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds.
And when you are in the mood for peaceful driving, you can switch it from gas to electric mode.  In addition to its beauty and functionality, the MC Laren P1 is equipped with long-lasting carbon fiber  bodies such as steel and titanium.


The valkyrie is a product of the British carmaker, which keeps its reputation in terms of style and speed.  ASTON MARTIN has a history of making fast cars which are being replicated in concept cars like AMR001.
A Sevier shine car like valkyrie gives you a memorable ride at a total of 1160 hp output at 10500 rpm.


The Lebanese car manufacturer is the invention of the W Motors car, now situated in the UAE, and became a custom in the Arab super car, the first super car in Arabia.  There is a RUF engine that barely takes even 9 seconds and takes the Lichen Hyper sport up to 200 PLUS speed.  It is also tremendous and attractive to see a great speed car like Lichen.
It has interiors of custom, design, carbon, fiber and leather.  Apart from this, there is a head light decorated with diamond and a holographic gesture control interface.  All this is available in 2.5 million Euros.


On hearing Bugatti’s name, the idea of ​​speed comes.  In less than 2.5 seconds this vehicle catches a speed of 0 to 62 MPH and comes equipped with the fastest and water pump of this planet, equipped with a 1 liter 16 cylinder.
The vehicle is named after the history’s fastest race car driver, Louise chiron, and has been designed with many modifications on the famous Bugatti Veyron model.  You can have this masterpiece for $ 2,998,00


Only six units of Sergio are available in the market and all of them have already been sold.  It is very easy to understand why this concept car is in such demand.
The vehicle is designed by pininfarin and it combines master grinding 4.5 liter v8 engine production and torque of more than 398 lb ft and 596 hp.  It is the perfect combination of vehicle design and power.


pagani company is a reputed high performance car with low weight and beautiful design.  The vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 238 MPH.  Keeping its unique design in front, there are seven sequential gear boxes of record speed.
Lubrication and a single disc use clutch to give you a memorable driving experience.  This Italian mid engine sports car is made by pagani.  The company has kept its base price at $ 1.1 million.  Provides lateral acceleration of 1.6 g even up to 230mPH or 370 km per hour speed .

9. Koenigsegg regera

The Regera has been one of the most in demand vehicles in the Planet made in 2016, with only 80 units made.  Such a stormy car runs from 0 to 60 mph speed in 2.7 seconds and this is possible at its top speed of 251 mpH.  With a 5 liter twin turbo v8 engine and 15hp output, the vehicle starts at a one million dollar price.  However, meeting it is not easy.


Who hasn’t heard of la ferrari?  The F150 is one of the famous hybrid cars in the market that can be easily seen.  This light weight vehicle made by ferrari 800 ps gives the highest power output of any Ferrari vehicle at 9000 rpm and that too with a tremendous reduction of 40% in fuel consumption.
The top speed of this machine is more than 217 mph and it reaches 0 to 60 mph in 2.4 seconds.
You may find such masterpieces very difficult because its 499 Unity is manufactured and the price of them all starts from one million dollars.
Thanks for reading friends which car impressed you the most.  Please tell in the comment below and if you are a new reader, then do follow.  I’ll see you in the next interesting post, Take Care.

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