Started dairy farming, earning 7 lakh rupees in the first year itself //Income 7 lakh with this business,

Today’s success story: When the business of interior designing was closed in lockdown, started dairy farming, earning Rs 7 lakh in the first year itself.

Similar is the story of Chetan Patel living in Ahmedabad. Chetan was an interior designer, he was running a good business in Ahmedabad, but his work stopped in the lockdown. After this he started dairy farming in his village. In this he also got success. In the very first year, he has earned Rs 7 lakh.

Chetan currently has 25 cows of Gir breed. They are marketing 30 thousand liters of milk every month.

Chetan says that last year the work stopped due to the lockdown. Income stopped. Since I have a love for cows, I started dairy farming on the advice of my friend. For this we first did research, gathered information about cows. After that the work started. After coming to the village, he opened a cowshed, kept some cows of Gir breed in it. We took out cow’s milk and started selling it in the surrounding areas.

Nowadays it is not easy to get pure milk in cities, there is a complaint of adulteration everywhere. When people came to know about our work, we started getting orders from their side. We started delivering milk to the customers every morning and evening. Presently Chetan is delivering milk in Ahmedabad city. They are marketing about 30 thousand liters of milk every month. Due to this they are earning good money. At present he has 25 cows of Gir breed.

If the demand of customers increased, then started selling ghee along with milk.

In this work of Chetan, his family members fully support him. Their children also spend time with the cows.

Chetan says that when we got good response from customers, we started expanding our scope. We started the work of making organic ghee along with milk. They say that the milk of Gir breed cows is considered the best. The milk of these cows is sold at Rs 100 per liter in Ahmedabad. At the same time, the price of desi ghee made from it is around Rs 2400 per kg. We deliver absolutely pure milk and ghee to the people. Presently we are delivering 30 liters of Organic Ghee every month.

Chetan has also made special arrangements regarding the health and safety of cows. They say that we take care of them like a member of our family. From their diet to their health, they take full care. Not only this, to protect the cows from mosquitoes and insects, we have also installed mosquito nets in the entire cowshed, so that the cows can rest in peace. We have also installed an automatic water tank for the cows, which automatically turns off after emptying. .

Can start with 4-5 COW

If your budget is less or you do not want to take risk then you can start your dairy with two to four animals. Gradually you can increase the number of animals according to the need. It may cost two to three lakh rupees, but if you want to start it on a commercial level, then a budget of at least 10 to 15 lakh rupees will be required. Along with this, if you want to process milk along with it, then the budget will increase more. Setting up a processing plant can cost up to one crore rupees. It would be better to take the business forward gradually.

Where can I get loan and subsidy for dairy startup?

For dairy startups, there is financial help from the central government and the state government. You can take a loan of Rs 10 lakh for startup up to 10 animals. You can take this loan from any co-operative bank or SBI. 25% subsidy is also available on this loan from NABARD. And if you belong to the reserved category then you can take subsidy up to 33%.


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