Started bakery from home, now running entire house/Earn lakh per months

Today’s positive news: Art and craft business stopped in lockdown, then started bakery from home, now running whole house

The demand for education through the art and craft model has increased in the last few years. In this, children are taught through photographs and wall art. Delhi-based Shweta Joshi launched the art venture Educraft on the same lines in the year 2015. Through this she was teaching children in a unique way. He had also typed from many schools. There was also a lot of income, but in the meantime Corona came. Due to the lockdown, all the schools and colleges were closed. His substantial venture closed down.

Shweta decided to try something new instead of giving up. He developed his model on the online platform. She started teaching children online. However, it did not get much response from them. On the offline side, they were not getting success in this and the children were not taking that much interest. After working for a few months, Shweta also stopped this work.

दिल्ली की रहने वाली श्वेता पहले बैंकर रह चुकी हैं । बेटे के जन्म के बाद उन्होंने नौकरी छोड़कर खुद का काम शुरू किया ।

After this he explored the creativity inside him. Started brainstorming about what they could do new. After this he started cooking bakery food and fancy food for his family members. Sent his photos to the rest of his relatives as well. Most of the bakery shops where Shweta lives were closed due to the lockdown. Seeing this, a friend of Shweta gave her the idea to start it on a professional level.

Every day 3 to 4 orders are received, 45-year-old Shweta says that I started preparing fancy food and bakery items from home and sending it to people. Started with the people around and when the response started getting good, then increased the scope. We started taking orders from people through WhatsApp group. Gradually the number of orders increased. The one who became his customer once started buying products from him regularly. Shweta’s son named her startup as Quarantine Bakers.

Shweta makes bread, cakes and pies. Whose demand is very high in birthday parties. They get 3 to 4 orders every day. That is, they easily get 120 orders every month. From this now she earns a good amount every month. At present, they provide service in Delhi, Noida and its surrounding areas. Many people themselves come to him for the product. When orders are received from a distance, Shweta delivers the bakery products to the customer with the help of a delivery boy.

This startup started in lockdown has flourished today.

Shweta’s story is an inspiration to all those women who compromise their careers due to family planning. Shweta also did the same, but after some time she started again with a bakery, giving a new direction to her career. Soon they are going to take this business further.

How can you start a bakery business?

So if you are also fond of cooking and want to start your business with very little investment, then home bakery business is a good option. The investment in this is very less and this business can be carried forward along with doing the necessary household chores.

You can start a home bakery business on an experimental basis.

However, as the business grows, you will have to take necessary approvals from the Food Department and the Tax Department. You may have to make necessary modifications in your kitchen for business. You will also need a machine for the bakery.

Mixer Machine- In making any bakery products, many raw materials have to be mixed together and for which a mixer is required.

. Dropping Machine (Die) – This machine is used to make biscuits of different sizes.

. Bread Cutting Machine – This machine is used to cut bread into one shape.

It is also important to keep these things in mind for a better business

To advance your business, you must first make your plan and find out what kind of demand is around you. Cost analysis is also very important, because before that you might not have thought about the cost of cooking food at home. You should know to whom will you sell your product? These could be your friends and acquaintances, apart from this, how are you targeting people … the young or the elderly, because both have different food preferences.

Prepare a complete model of how your bakery will reach the customers. Some may even persuade local stores to keep their products. Apart from this, you should also use social media. Take full care of customer satisfaction and keep taking their feedback. Advertising of products through signboards, banners and newspaper pamphlets can also be helpful in increasing business.


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