Kanika is doing a business of 50 lakh rupees annually from the garbage dump, Earn money

Success story: Kanika of Delhi is doing a business of 50 lakh rupees annually from the garbage dump, has also connected more than 200 poor people with employment.

Plastic waste is the biggest challenge for all of us. This not only harms the environment, but also kills many lives on the garbage heap. Many cattle get sick after eating garbage, they lose their lives. Sometimes children living in slums also become victims of this. To get rid of this problem, some people are working on waste management. Kanika Ahuja, a resident of Delhi, is also one of them, who is not only taking initiative to get rid of the problem of garbage, but is also earning from it. He has also linked more than 200 people with employment.

Kanika, 30, grew up in Delhi. His father Shalabh Ahuja and mother Anita Ahuja have already been associated with the work of waste management under the banner of Conservation India. He is working in this field for more than 20 years. However, his focus was less on the commercial level. After doing MBA from Delhi University, Kanika worked in a company for about 6 months.

In the year 2017, she decided that she would also start a career in the field of plastic management and convert her parents’ plan into a big commercial platform. Kanika tells that the life of the people who pick the garbage is very worrying. Even after working hard for a day, they are not able to earn enough to support their family. In view of this, I decided that some such work should be started so that we can also get rid of plastic waste and the people living in the slum area can also get some income.

In the year 2017, Kanika started her own company named Lifafa. In this, he started the work of making fashion related things from plastic waste. His father Shalabh Ahuja arranged the machinery and other equipment while his mother Anita Ahuja took over the task of training the workers.

After this Kanika started making bags, purses, fabric products and handicrafts from the waste. Soon she got a chance to participate in the Lakmi Fashion Week held in Mumbai. Here their product was praised and got great response from the people. This gave recognition to his brand.

Kanika says that initially earning money was not our motive, even today it is not. But when the response of the people started getting, the demand for our product started increasing, then the earning also started increasing and we also kept on expanding the scope of business. We keep on creating new products according to the demand of the people. We currently have more than two dozen products. It includes most of the products related to daily use to fashion.

Regarding marketing, Kanika says that we are currently selling our goods from both online and offline platforms. We have retailers in many cities, so many people buy products from us in wholesale also. We do marketing across the country through social media as well as our website and platforms like Flipkart, Amazon.

So far Kanika has recycled more than 360 tonnes of plastic waste. They prepare 2 thousand bags every month. However, due to Corona, there has been a slight decrease at the moment, because along with manpower, problems are still being faced regarding raw material.

How to make useful items from plastic waste

Kanika says that some workers and a large number of women are associated with us. The youth and waste pickers living in the slum area are also associated with us. They pick up the garbage and bring it to our unit. Here plastic waste is divided into different categories according to color and size. After that they are cleaned. The plastic is then dried in the sun.

After this, the work of color mixing is done according to the need. Several plastics are combined and heated in a machine to convert them into liquids. Different products are made from this liquid. Then there is the work of processing and designing.

According to a report, 1.5 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated in India annually. India dumps 60% of the world’s garbage that is dumped into the sea every year. Whereas only about a quarter of the plastic waste is being recycled. From this you can understand how big a challenge it is. The central government and state governments are campaigning for plastic waste management. Plastic waste collection centers have also been built in many cities. Where people get money instead of garbage. Under the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), work is underway on several projects related to plastic waste management in the country.

training / training

If someone wants to make a career in this sector, then he/she has to first understand Plastic Waste Management. You have to understand the process. In this regard, the Central Government and the State Government also conduct training courses. Many private institutes also provide this training. Its training can be taken from International Institute of Waste Management, Bhopal. Many individuals working in this sector also give its training.

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Pradeep Jadhav, a resident of Pune, Maharashtra, belongs to a normal family. His childhood was spent in poverty. Father used to run the family expenses by farming. After 10th he studied ITI and then did three years diploma. After this he worked for a few years in a wire manufacturing company. When some money was collected, he obtained an engineering degree in 2016.

After this he got a job in a multinational company. He worked here for a few years. Then in 2018 started the business of making furniture by upcycling industrial waste (making creative and better products with the help of old or useless things). Today the turnover of his company is one crore rupees. (read full news)

12 lakh in a year. of business, also gave jobs to 4 people

One such initiative has been started by Sunny Goyal from Delhi and Unnati Mittal from Khandwa. Together they are making furniture and home decoration items from plastic waste. He started this startup only a year ago. Right now he is earning one lakh rupees every month from this.Also read this success story )


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